What are the things necessary in a Friendship?



We all crave someone with whom we can share our thoughts and feelings. Friends are the second home that we chose. We are the most comfortable around them and share our deepest secrets without being judged. Even when sometimes the friendship goes through some ups and downs, we reassure ourselves that it is just a phase and we’ll get better in some days. While we figure out what went wrong in it, some things are necessary for maintaining a healthy friendship.


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Things Required To Keep Healthy Friendship

  • Trust 

Trust is something that can make or break a relationship. If the trust is broken, then it can devastate the grounds of friendship. A trustworthy company is based on trustworthiness that makes the bond stronger. When we trust someone, we show them the authentic self and the person we indeed are. Trust is an unwritten rule that is followed in every form of friendship. When you trust one another, it shows that you both rely on each other immensely. 

  • Equality

Equality is a supreme part of having a good friendship. No person should put themselves above in this relationship. One-sided friendship is toxic and not healthy. When in any companionship, you find that there is unequal status, there comes at times the bond starts to deteriorate. Everyone is similar, and it encourages the friendship manifold. 

  • Compassion

Real friends are those who understand the compassion towards friendship. You have to help each other in difficult situations. Sometimes even your presence is what your friends need. If a friend is going through an emotional breakdown, you have to keep your concerns aside and be there for them in every form you can. You have to be supportive, kind, and empathetic to them. 

  • Honesty

Being honest with each other is an essential part of friendship. Building honesty with each other is a long-term commitment. You have to be true to yourself as well as with your friends. Be communicative, honest, and authentic with each other. Be open towards your feelings and freely convey honest opinions to one another. Honesty seems to be easy, but sometimes it can be complex to deal with. If we are dishonest, the other person will never look at or trust us in the same way before. The establishment of a decent friendship builds on a person’s behavior and creates a sense of mutual trust.

  • Independence

To grow and maintain a strong friendship, you have to give personal space to each other. It’s necessary that you both are independent and can act accordingly with the desired situation. To have a healthy relationship, you should have freedom of thoughts and expression. When you decide to spend some time with each other, the friendship seems genuine. 

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People will come and go, but good friends will stay forever. They’ll support, guide, and help you in each path of life. It’s a relationship that should be preserved for a long. Friendship is not a blood relation, but it is more than that. It teaches us about loyalty, kindness, and sympathy. They’ll help you in achieving your goals and make you a better person.