How to say "NO" without hurting someone?

"When you say yes to others, make sure you aren't saying no to yourself." — Paulo Coelho.

Sometimes we are stuck in a situation where we can not please people and have to say NO without hurting someone. 'No' seems like a short word, but it's compelling. You have all the right to say NO to people when something seems unfavorable and you're not comfortable. As far as we know, people struggle with this word and agree to things they are not agreeable with. We don't want to be in people's bad books and decide to do so as they say or as they desire. 

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Tips To Say No Without Hurting Someone

You can be polite while saying NO to people. To get you out of this situation, we have some considerate tips for you:

  • Be honest with them

You have to be truly honest with them. You have to be valid in your reason, and people will understand. You have to be straightforward with them so that it doesn't harm both of you. With honesty, you have to be reasonable and polite with them. Spilling out the truth and saying NO will surely hurt them, but it will create no issues further in the relationship.

  • Don't make an excuse.

If you can genuinely have work, which is essential, you can get NO to them straight. You don't have to cook a story around it explaining if and but's because, in some way or the other, people will know that you are making an excuse which can lead to trouble somehow. If you think that your reason is solid that the other person has no comeback, then you might give it a try. 

  • Just say NO, bluntly.

When you are under pressure and can't find any excuse, it's better to say NO upfront. When someone is asking you to adjust to your plans, and if you aren't okay with it, say NO, be silent, and walk away. Do not save it for later when you know you will not be available. The more time you take, the more intense and challenging it gets.

  • Tell them the reason for saying NO.

It will be more than okay when you state the reason behind saying NO. The other person will understand and make sure that they don't create any inconvenience for you. A one-word can improve your life.

  • You don't have to feel guilty before saying NO.

Sometimes when you utter NO, you feel guilty beforehand and compromise with your plans. There is nothing to be guilty about as you're pitting your priorities first and saving both of you from further uncertainties. The guilt will indeed remain for a time, but after saying it, you'll be all chilled and relaxed with the happy choice you made.

  • It's not your job to please everyone.

We often say YES to things because we don't want to quarrel or conflict with someone. But you have to know that you cannot make everyone happy all the time. You have to value yourself and make it clear that you are not interested. 

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