Social Media and its role in Friendship



Friendship is a crucial part of life, and it should remain sacred at every level. The social interaction of people has immersed immensely, and people are creating virtual connections in a minimal period. Social media plays a vital role in young people's minds and has traded traditional communication among peers. Although physical interactions are more outgoing and successful in creating a bond, interactions via social media have replaced this traditionally driven Friendship. It can be observed as partial or mixed modals of Friendship. 

Given how the younger generation interacts on social media, it's no surprise that this platform has become more interactive and communicative. It has been establishing friendships back and forth with peer groups. They can connect to a large and diverse group of people and share thoughts with them. Moreover, not only new people but also the existing ones are connected via social media. 


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Different Ways In Which Social Media Connects Friends

Teens say that social media connects better with their friend's feelings and their livelihood 

With social media, we stay in touch with our friends and family. Given this data, it's not unworthy to say that they know their friends' lives and feelings through it. They communicate with them and share information. They feel more connected with their friends through this channel. 

These smartphones have also played a critical role in people's lives. These devices have made the youth connected from all over the world. With these gadgets, people access other people's lives, information, and what is going on. They keep track of what's happening in their friends' lives and then gossip, share, or circulate the information to other friends. They are in a constant loop with their friend's whereabouts and feel a lot more connected. 

People tend to believe that they overshare on these platforms

Sometimes when people feel more attached, they tend to overshare their feelings on this platform. 

People connected through social media also help during tough times

Social media not only serves as a friendship-building platform but also helps people to connect in difficult times. Social support groups help peers, friends, and colleagues connect and give a hand to the person facing challenges and troubles. 

Comparing oneself with other people and feeling negative about themselves

The use of social media is so excessive that people also tend to feel inferior when they see the life of their friends illuminate and content. Suppose, if you aren't invited to a house party and someone posts jovial pictures on social media, how bad will you feel? Sometimes you compare your lives with other people and feel sad about it. 

The self-presentation on social media

Teens are generally planning on how to present themselves in the best way possible on these platforms. They tend to likely spend more time thinking about what to post and share online. They are meticulous about their posts and how cultured they can curate themselves in front of the world. They have to be authentic and well constructed while showcasing themselves. 

People need to know that while they are connecting with new friends and making a world of their own, they have to be extra careful about what planet they are structuring and entering. This mixed model has its pros and cons. But, we can't forget that friendships are beyond these virtual connections. You have to be physically present to enjoy those connections.

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