Exciting conversation starters to talk to anyone

Do you feel awkward when you don’t know someone and have to be in its limelight. A good conversation creates an impression that is hard to forget. Good conversation starters can break the ice between people. When you indulge in a normal conversation and want to make it dazzling, we have some of the best picks for you. These starters will make your chat more memorable and exciting.

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List of Interesting Conversation Starters

Let’s get started with some engaging conversation openers. These will help you to initiate meaningful conversations and get you out from boring questions like: “How are you doing?”, “Where are you from?” etc.

  • Tell me something about you.

It is a great conversation starter in which person can share their life experiences with you. It is an open-ended question and lets people share about their job, personal life, or anything they want to share. It is an excellent way to know what people are going through and what is in their minds. 

  • Having Fun?

It’s a cold approach towards someone who is feeling okayish. If someone is all by themselves at a party or a get-together, you can ask them this question. It’s an excellent opener rather than something odd, you ask.

  • What are you going to do this weekend?

It is the most exciting question to ask anyone. They will talk about the various things they’d like to do and make you aware of their weekend getaway. Everyone loves talking about their plans, and this can spark the conversation to much more sense. 

  • What movie have you seen recently?

Talk about this stuff and see how people get indulged in talking about their previous movie experience. This way you can know what the likes of them are and can discuss your encounters too.

  • What weird food combination do you enjoy?

Food is everybody’s love, and it’s a delicious way to get someone to know their food habits. If they are foodies, then it’s a cherry on the cake. Sometimes people have weird combinations of food, and they are good to enjoy. This way you will also learn some strange blend of food and can enjoy later.

  • Have you ever been on a blind date?

It might spark a conversation a bit with some interesting answers. Some people will not be honest, while some can give you funny content as well. They can tell you about their best or worst experiences. Either way, this will illuminate the conversation and can help you know their love life. 

  • Have you been to this type of event before?

The events can be get-togethers, birthday parties, or networking occasions, etc. The person will share some of their experience of the event, and you can have a conversation over it. You can share your likes or dislikes about the event, and maybe you can bond over it.

  • How do you know the party-giver?

It is the fundamental question people generally ask each other while binding it with someone. How are they mutual, and what relation do they share? It will allow them to be more interactive if they share some mutual connections. 

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