Requirements to build trust in Friendship!

Trust is an essential element in part of any friendship. You must trust the other person to have a healthy and robust relationship. Trust becomes the most emotional thing for building any relationship, and if you lose it, it takes a lot of time to rebuild it. You have to put in extra effort and time to make your relationship back on track again.

You have to be trustworthy to each other and explore the meaning of trust from both perspectives.

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Here are some ways to build trust in Friendship

  • Be true to your words.

Whatever you utter, make sure it's genuine and honest. If you say something which is not relevant or fake, your friend will not take you seriously, and it can compromise your Friendship. Say those things that you also follow in your life. 

  • Respect each other

You have to respect each other's feelings and act accordingly. Belittle someone is not the way how Friendship works. You can not make the other person feel that they are not essential or are vulnerable. A quote perfectly suits here: "If you want respect, give respect." 

  • Be expressive about your feelings.

If something has hurt you, you have to be vocal about it. People don't understand your inner feelings unless you express them. Not expressing emotions creates a mess, and things go south. Being emotionally invested in a friendship proves that you care about the person and can't hurt their feelings. When you express, it becomes a lot easier for another person to understand, saving you from further stress. 

  • Take risks together

When you take risks together, this increases the chances of building trust among people. Both people take equal risks and step out of their comfort zone. This increases the chances of trusting someone a step ahead of building a solid connection.

  • Be ready for a giving and take relationship.

Sometimes one person is heavily invested in this Friendship while another person is just not putting any effort into it. This casualty doesn't work in any form of relationship. You have to be ready for anything that comes. You don't have to give up on each other in tough times. Look out for the bigger picture and give more into this Friendship. 

  • Equality

Both people are equally invested in a friendship, then why does only one person have to suffer? No one should dominate the other person on any basis. Equality should remain and should not be overlooked. Both of the people should listen to each other and compromise when needed. 

  • Independence

Giving time and space to other people is equally important. You can't control anyone's life, and it would be a horrendous thing to do. Don't always seek attention from them and make them uncomfortable. 

If you have friends who fall in these categories, make sure not to leave them ever. It's essential to explore the world from their side while trusting them at every move they make.

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