Solving Problems Make You Happier? Know The Truth Behind It

According to Steve Maraboli, Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them. Problems and difficulties will always come in your life, and how you handle them determines your level of happiness and success. The issue is that the vast majority of individuals are unprepared to deal with severe events and challenges. Problems and challenging situations make them stressed and tense instead of joyous.

However, much practical learning occurs in mastering or conquering such unpopular challenging situations or issues. When confronted with seemingly insurmountable difficulties, The majority of people quickly lose hope or give up. Only a few people who deal with challenges, reframe situations and turn them into active learning opportunities gain the gratification of understanding what lies beyond the borders of doubt and discomfort.

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Happiness comes from solving problems.


Most people nowadays believe that problems are something to be avoided. However, this isn't the case. At least, not if you know how to turn your troubles into opportunities. When you're able to do that, problems go from a negative to a positive experience.

As you know, life is another name of struggle, so challenges are constant in life. If you solve one, another one will appear in front of you. For example, if you think of improving your physique and gaining health and stamina by taking Gym membership, you create a new problem to get up early every day. You have to maintain a daily life routine according to that. 

Suppose you are planning to shift to your dream destination. In that case, problems of moving all household materials, difficulties with being familiar with new people, new places, and coping with new environments will be problems.

So problems consistently arise in your life. Sometimes it would be more significant, sometimes negligible, but the concept of dealing with it is the same, solve them and be happy. Solving issues brings joy. You'll make yourself more despondent if you avoid your difficulties or pretend that you don't have any. If you believe you have unsolvable challenges, you will be unhappy. The secret sauce lies in resolving difficulties rather than avoiding them in the first place.

How Conquering Difficulties Benefits You?

It provides strength - Whenever you find a solid solution to your problem, you will see something is developed inside you or nature, which will offer you the power to live life. Solving life's issues makes you hard and strong to deal with strange and unimaginable situations.  

Gives Confidence - If someone asks you, How confidence comes in life? What will you reply? It comes from conquering or mastering all difficulties of life. When you clear problematic situations, or difficult phases of your life, it boosts your confidence—you Will not panic in any circumstances. You can keep yourself motivated as well as others too. 

Brings ultimate joy - Let's suppose you are preparing hard for a competitive examination. You face challenges like - late-night study, waking up early, managing your daily life schedule accordingly, stopping yourself from going to parties, events, functions. The day comes when the result is announced, and you get your name in shortlisted candidates. How do you feel at that time? Won't it be an overwhelming experience and ultimate joy?


Because solving issues is a perpetual work-in-progress—the solutions to today's problems establish the groundwork for tomorrow's challenges, and so on—happiness is a constant work-in-progress as well. Only when you discover the difficulties you enjoy having and addressing, you experience true happiness and joy.

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